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Back Office Support...

Administration and support personnel in a financial services company. They carry out functions like settlements, clearances, record maintenance, regulatory compliance, and accounting. "


We have been performing a large portfolio of back office services for nearly 10 years and in addition to cost savings, are able to provide a utility benefit to our customers, decreasing error rates and increasing efficiency, due to similar services delivered to multiple customers. Given our breadth of experience, we are able to understand the nuances for each sub-product and maintain close dialogue with our customers and industry groups to ensure the support we provide is ahead of the curve.


Simplified and efficient financial operations and enhanced ability to handle large volumes of transactions.


Exceptional service standards and adherence to stringent regulatory guidelines .

Happier clients and improved client retention Dramatic reduction in cost and processing cycle time, with standardized and streamlined processes Incisive insights for better decision-making via real-time MIS/reporting High level of data security and expert IT support


Back office tasks are not the primary functions of an organization but they are necessary for keeping an organization running. Since our inception, we have been providing back office services to our clients spread across various industry verticals. Our back office solutions are accurate, cost effective and customized according to the specific business requirements of our clients. From complex work flows to simple tasks, we do them all.  


Our back office support services are:

»Account Receivables


»Asset Management


»Database Builds


»Data Analysis


»Direct Mail Campaign Alerts


»Document Management


»Data Mining/Harvesting