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Mantec offers you several compelling reasons to pick its service offerings over any other. At Mantec we understand today's business market and how important it is to exceed your customer's expectations. Mantec's state of the art call center is already setup and ready to go. We have the latest equipment and the staff to maintain it already in place. Mantec's management staff has been in international IT project management in United States and India since 1994 and has tremendous experience for managing projects with exceptional quality. The capability of our call center and equipment that is already in place allows us to expand to meet the ever-changing needs of your customers.


The benefits of Outsourcing to Mantec


The latest technology that is essential for a customer support center is not cheap! There are, servers, online support software, integration software, PC's for technicians, desks, phone systems, long distance carriers, databases, and other peripherals just to name a few. Lets not forget, you will need a drastic increase in your IT department to setup, monitor, and maintain the equipment for the customer support center. Another essential piece in this puzzle is the call center facility.


Once you have the equipment and the IT personnel in place you need a place to put the technicians handling the customers. Real estate and buildings are very expensive. The time that is require to build a building or make an adequate addition to your current building it 8 months to a year or more down the road. You need a sound solution now that is able to handle your increasing business.


People :

Finding quality technical support personnel is very difficult in the United States. Today's market rate salary for technical support personnel is astronomical. Many call centers in the United States find that it is very difficult to find quality technical personnel that really care to make a difference and KEEP them! Turnover rates in call centers located in the United States have always been a problem and will remain that way. It seems that many times call centers in the US are constantly having to add more and more costly benefits to try to entice employees to stay.


Quality Assurance Process:

Mantec's management staff has been in international IT project management in USA and India since 1994 and has tremendous experience for managing projects with top quality. Our quality check and redundancy programs will ensure that your support is always live and being performed in accordance with the quality standards promised to you and your customers.


Training :

Training employees is very costly. When new employees are hired, companies spend literally thousands of dollars on training employees to try and meet their expectations. With the ever-increasing price of certified trainers and materials, training has become one of the most expensive aspects of call centers. With high turnover rates this money is flushed down the drain daily.

Mantec's location in India has proven to be a success. With over 20 universities and colleges in the New Delhi area, Mantec has a wealth of quality personnel to pull from. Mantec has developed a rigorous training program that sharpens technician's language skills, technical abilities, and customer service. With a full time staff dedicated to training we are able to offer re-current training to provide the most up to date information to technicians and to ensure the best quality of service is being offered to our client's customers. At Mantec we understand the importance of your customers and we don't that lightly. We have even adapted a slogan to deal with this very issue. "We treat customers like Family." We understand companies' hesitation in allowing another company to deal with their customers. However, our proven success illustrates that in many cases we are able to offer even better customer service and support than call centers in the United States. We are able to take care of your customers so that you can take of business. At Mantec, we really do treat customers like family!


The Local Touch:

Mantec's US office is staffed to provide you with local reach for communication regarding any issues, reviews or new project planning. For Mantec the customer comes first and we leave no effort in ensuring your satisfaction.


Facilities :

Our facilities in India are State of the Art with the latest computers, high speed internet access (with redundancy), power backup and generators for providing continuous power and up time. We even have redundancy in location with a Disaster Management plan for every location.


Down Time :

One of the most expensive aspects of the call center business is the redundancy of systems and equipment. Call centers have to be prepared for every aspect of a possible disaster. The redundancy of services like internet connections and back-up servers is an absolute must and an absolute burden on the pocket book.


Security :

With such things as sensitive data and proprietary software security has become a big concern. Companies spend billions of dollars a year on physical security and logical security. Firewall protection of your network is essential to your company's protection. This is a costly aspect of a business.


Your Bottom Line :

Recently investors have been comparing companies' bottom lines to decide whom to invest with. In the past investors looked at such things as market share and technology. With the push to be profitable all of the above categories dramatically affect your bottom line.


Pricing :

Here is the best part--We offer you all the above while saving you a bundle of money compared to what you are currently spending in a US based support center. All this with the assurance that the quality will be equal or better than what you have, make it an easy choice to outsource your technical support or customer service requirements to Mantec and then sit back to enjoy excellent service and cost savings.


Whoever said, "Time is Money" was obviously talking about down time. When your customers are unable to reach you, you are unable to make money. At Mantec, we take this to heart. We have backups for everything! In many cases we have backups for our backups. (i.e. electricity: We have a backup generator for uninterrupted power service, we have a backup generator for our backup, in addition each workstation has its own UPS to allow up to 30 minutes of uninterrupted service should the other two backups fail) We literally have a backup for every aspect of our call center. This is just to ensure that your customers are always take care of when Mantec's on the job. With round the clock on-site security Mantec is able to provide our clients peace of mind about security. Mantec also provides the newest technology for firewall protection. As profitability becomes more of a concern it makes perfect since to outsource. We take of your customers so that you can take care of business.