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  Mantec International, LLC has different software technology groups with expertise in the following:

  • Programming Languages (C, C++, PHP, Zend FrameWork, Wordpress, Smarty, X-Cart, ASP.net)

  • Internet/Intranet programming (Java, Visual J++, HTML, PERL, CGI, ASP, MTS)

  • Networking (SNMP, TMN)

  • RDBMS (Oracle, Sybase, MS Access, SQL Server)

  • GUI's (Developer 2000, Power Builder, Visual C++, Visual Basic, Dreamweaver, Netbeans,Editplus,Giny)

  • GIS (MapInfo, Arcinfo)

  • CADD Services (Bentley Microstation, AutoCAD)

  • Data Entry & Data Conversion Services

  • Operating Systems: Linux, Windows XP, Windows 7/8

  • Server Software: SQL Server, Oracle, Commerce Server, Terminal Server, Transaction Server, MSMQ, Internet Information Server, Apache

  • Technologies: WAP, COM, COM +, OLE, LDAP, ADSI, Active X, MAPI, CAPI

  • Internet & Networking Languages: XML, JavaScript, VBscript, HTML, Cascading Style Sheets, ASP, CGI, PERL

  • Frameworks: ZEND, CakePHP, MFC, WIN16, WIN32, Windows SDK

  • want to take the next step to future-proof your product, limit your technical debt or to solve a difficult problem with your software and are looking for specialist knowledge in SW-architecture, development, test or build environments.

  • We offer both breadth and cutting edge. Our Team have general competence in software development and business methods, combined with deeper specialist knowledge in a variety of fields.

  Linux, UNIX, Microsoft, Web or Wireless

Mantec International, LLC stays ahead of the game by maintaining a dedicated Research and Development group to explore emerging technologies and help project groups apply them in the creation of solutions. Our engineers work on leading technology projects which means our knowledge base is constantly expanding to include the latest technologies. Mantec International, LLC has seasoned programmers with a broad set of areas of expertise that can create cross-platform solutions for a wide range of software challenges.