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We have more than 30 years of experience in call center outsourcing services and have provided business processes outsourcing (BPO) solutions to global organizations spread across diverse business verticals such as telecom, healthcare, real estate, ecommerce and financial services for their various business requirements.


Customer Support is one of our most important functions, so we don't outsource it like some companies. Everyone on our trained and certified team is an in Contact employee, which means they deeply understand our technology and their highest priority is to help you.


We support your contact center with:  


Inbound Call Center Services - We TAKE the Calls for You

Inbound call center services focus on taking the incoming phone calls to your business or organization. Examples of the many inbound services include: telephone answering, order processing, dispatch and help desk services.

Outbound Call Center Services - We MAKE the Calls for You

Outbound call center services focus on making the outgoing phone calls for your business or organization. Examples of the many outbound services include: telesales, telemarketing and market research.


Call Center Services include:

»Customer Care and Support.


»Catalog/Order Entry.


»Appointment Setting/Sales Visits.


»Order Management & Fulfillment Services.


Our Key Features:

»We hire agents who are well educated, easy to understand and have good listening skills.


»End-to-end CISCO based IP network ensures uninterrupted functioning of all the networks and enables smooth and clear telephonic conversations.


»Sufficient investment on training and quality processes for better customer care services.


»A healthy work environment where employees are motivated.