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Mantec's customers include ISPs and e-Product companies that have trusted us with their customers and have realized that they have made the right choice. Each of our customers has more than doubled the size of the operation they started with us which is testament to our high quality of work and their customer satisfaction. We have been doubling our operations size every few months and can provide customer names and references if requested.


Some of our Satisfied customers include:


» Ronco


» Sylmark


» FM International


» Southtech Systems


» DecisionOne


» Allplaza.com


Benchmarking Support Standards

Mantec International, LLC, while providing un-precedent support for several clients, has set numerous standards when it comes to customer support. Mantec has the privilege of providing support for the world's leading Internet Service Provider, Bluelight. During the whole time that Bluelight was slashing previous internet records and becoming the fastest growing ISP in the world, Mantec provided their customer email support. Not only did Bluelight set records in their industry for the fastest growing ISP, they were also rated number one by Epinions. Mantec can provide this same standard of support for your company as well.


» February 2000 - BlueLight.com introduces two million Internet Service CD-ROMs in Kmart stores across the country; service is named Highest Rated ISP by Epinions.com.

» March 2000 - BlueLight.com Internet Service signs up one million subscribers in just 14 weeks, beating the industry record.




» March 22, 2000 - By Greg Sandoval By C-Net News

America loves a blue-light special. In just six weeks, Kmart has signed up 1 million customers to its free Internet service, making it the fastest-growing Internet service provider on the market, the company announced today.


Bluelight.com serves as a free Internet service provider, and 3.6 million consumers have signed up for it, the newspaper said.


Bluelight.com ranked first in July in the number of visits, according to a ranking of department store e-commerce sites by Top9.com.


It had 2.6 million hits per month, followed by Sears.com (2.4 million), JCPenney.com (2.2 million), Walmart.com (1.8 million), Target.com (1.1 million), Costco.com (700,000), Macys.com (600,000), Sercvicemerchandise.com (500,000) and Nordstrom.com (400,000).



» June 1, 2000 - By Charles E. Ramirez (Detroit News)

BlueLight.com, which was launched last December at www.bluelight.com , offers consumers free Internet access. By March, the company signed up 1 million subscribers for the service. It said Tuesday it had doubled that number and it is hoping to add further to its subscriber base by distributing 8 million copies of BlueLight's Internet access software at Kmart's 2,171 stores.


About BlueLight.com

BlueLight.com, Kmart Corp.'s online subsidiary, offers free Internet service and plans to roll out a virtual store with more than 100,000 items at its Web site -- www.bluelight.com -- by mid-June. Visitors also can buy Kmart stock on the site.


Started: Dec. 15, 1999


Started: Dec. 15, 1999


Headquarters: San Francisco.


Subscribers: 2 million; 40 percent are first-time Internet users and more than 30 percent of them have accounts with America Online Inc.


Top executive: Mark H. Goldstein, chief executive officer.


Partners: Kmart owns 60 percent. The rest is owned by Softbank Ventures, Martha Stewart Omnimedia, Spinway.com and Yahoo! Inc.



Browsing for Support


As you look around on the internet for Customer support you could be using a product that is supported by Mantec. If you are using or have ever used a version of Netscape 4.7 or higher this would be the case. Mantec has been essential in creating the current knowledge base used to support Netscape's products. As you may be aware of, Netscape has just recently launched a new competing browser, Netscape 6. Mantec handled the transition to Netscape 6 without skipping a beat. This goes to show you that Mantec is able to handle all of your businesses transitions and continue to provide outstanding customer support. Mantec has been able to provide this outstanding customer support while handling high volumes of emails. Netscape has well over 25 million registered users and has surpassed over 100 million downloads of their products. All the while in the background Mantec was providing superior customer support and service. So, no matter how large or how small your company is Mantec can provide you superior customer support at an affordable price.




1 Company Also Reaches Milestone With More Than 100 Million Downloads of Netscape Browsers in Two-Year Period 2 Netscape Open Directory Project Surpasses 1.5 Million Web Sites 3 Netscape's Next-Generation Browser Available in Beta for Public Download Within 60 Days


MOUNTAIN VIEW, Calif. (February 15, 2000) - Netscape Communications, a leading Internet company and a subsidiary of America Online (NYSE: AOL), today announced the achievement of several major milestones for its Netscape Netcenter service and Navigator and Communicator browsers. The Company also announced that a beta of Netscape's new, more powerful and convenient Internet browser suite - powered by Netscape Gecko - will be available to the public within the next 60 days.


Netscape's milestones include:


1 The Netscape Netcenter service has surpassed 25 million registered users worldwide, more than double the number of users from a year ago. The increased traffic came one month after Netcenter unveiled a redesigned homepage to help professionals better manage their business and personal lives, offering greater ease-of-use with new tools, enhanced daily news and business programming. According to the December, 1999 Media Metrix report, Netcenter is the fourth most visited Web site at-work, ahead of Geocities, Lycos, Excite, AltaVista and GO.com. 2 105 million copies of its groundbreaking Navigator and Communicator Internet browsers were downloaded from Netcenter between January 1998 and December 1999. 3 The Netscape Open Directory Project (ODP), the open-source search service maintained by the Web community at large, now includes more than 1.5 million web sites, which are organized into more than 200,000 categories by more than 22,000 volunteer editors. The directory was recently honored as part of the 1999 "Best of the Net" list by About.com's Guide to Web Search, featuring the top 10 search resources of the year.


(November 14, 2000) - Netscape Communications, a subsidiary of America Online, Inc. (NYSE: AOL), today announced the worldwide launch of its next-generation Netscape 6 browser, offering consumers a new choice, with unmatched convenience, the ability to stay connected to important information and unprecedented flexibility to shape their online experience to fit the ways they live, work, and communicate.