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Mantec International, LLC has a software development center in Northern India where software development work is done for US companies
in a high quality, cost effective manner. Typically the cost of having the work done through Mantec is half to one-third of what it would normally cost in the United States.

Mantec delivers cutting-edge technology solutions to Internet startups, e-businesses and large enterprises around the globe.



Enabling Internet startups to reduce time-to-market and increase market valuation through powerful end-to-end services.

The average time overrun of software projects in the US is 222%. The average cost overrun is 189%. Only 61% of originally specified features are finally available on these projects. (Source: The Standish Group) When you work with Mantec the results are dramatically different. We have the people, the technology, and the solutions to exceed expectations and deliver your projects on-cost, on time, every time.