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As a testament to the quality and promptness of support provided by Mantec to the customers, a few appreciation feedbacks are given below:


Feedback 1


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Subject: RE: INITIAL CONNECTION [ #3344627 ]


» Please forward to a manager or supervisor!! I want to compliment you support team for their response to my reported problem. The response was: RAPID (less than 24 hours) Complete and easy to understand Effective ( my wife's machine is now up and running with Bluelight) I was employed by IBM for over 30 years and during that time I managed a team of remote program support reps. (worked on programming problems via the telephone) We worked hard to be as efficient and effective as was your support for this problem.

 Thank You


Feedback 2


Ticket No: 4510507

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Congratulations, we did it: Problem(s) solved. Internet connection and Bluelight work wonderfully.


»THANK YOU!!! I want to thank you for all your very clear, concise instructions and comments. Many things I did not know and some were reminders. I appreciate the time and thought you put into trying to solve my computer problem. I was employed in the past for many years working with computer hardware, but not in recent years, and have had many contacts with various tech support services. I am certainly not a professional at this point, but not quite an amatur either. I have to say that this is undoubtly the best tech support I have ever received. THANK YOU AGAIN!

 Thank You


Feedback 3


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Subject: Re: Invalid Page Fault in apcomps.dll when launching Netscape 6 [#3293027]


»Shiveta! Thanks for your help. I've removed netscape.hst and history.dat, and so far, it seems to be working.

 Take care


Feedback 5


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Subject: No Subject


»Thanks for fixing the problem. And for the efficiency in which it was fixed.



Feedback 6


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Subject: Thank you


»Ya'll are great. I am enjoying your service again.

 Thank You


Feedback 7


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Subject: German dictionary for spell checking Date: 02/16/01 20:16:40

First Name: Wilfried

Last Name: Pietsch


»Thanks a lot !!! The Netscape Unofficial FAQ page did the trick for me.


Feedback 8


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First Name: Wesley

Last Name: Faries


»Wow, I did the first part and it worked perfectly. Thanks very much!!


Feedback 9


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Subject: RE: No Subject


»This is a great service. Keep it up and don't think for one minute that providing free service means no revenue. You have built considerable goodwill with me. Send this to your management if you wish.

 Good luck


Feedback 10


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Subject: Okay [#4539119]


»Thank you for your great support it finally worked after I used your directions. I will tell many people to change to bluelight I already have four people that have changed.

 Thank you again


Feedback 11


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Subject:problem with screen freeze-up [#4539065]


»Thank you so much for your email with outstanding instructions due to my problem. It seem to have worked out well as I have no occurrence of this problem since your helpful advise. I kept your suggested repair sheet for any future problems.I very much appriciate your fast responce.


Feedback 12


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Subject: RE:login still failed [#4535981 ]


»IT finally works! The download from a store blite disc linked somehow to the download you sent for reinstalling unlimited service-so--uninstalled the store disc which got them both and re-installed our backups of unlimited service